Workshops & Seminars


Control Your Mind Control Your Destiny

"If you can control the thoughts of your mind, you can control the destiny of your life." Sharing practical principles that will ultimately change your life and place you in the driver's seat to your destiny!

Goal Setting

Making Life Happen on Purpose

Are you, your church, business, or family ready to take life to the next level?

Learn how to plan your life and

fulfill your purpose.


7 Steps to Financial Freedom 

Let us walk you through the tools

to break free of

financial bondage. 

Home Buyers

7 Steps to Home Ownership

Don't be afraid to start your home purchase process,

regardless of your  financial background.

Let us help you get started!


Match Made in Heaven

Ready to get married? Already engaged? In need of marriage counseling?

Mr. Worthy has over 20 years experience, making us your go-to for local marriage counseling.


Healthy Lifestyle: Mind, Body, & Spirit 

How to balance and center

your total being...

Mind, Body, & Soul!

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