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How to Build Wealth: Pay Yourself 10%

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Principle Number Two

On your road to wealth, we believe that the easiest and most secure way to pay yourself 10% is through contributing monthly to a savings account. Yes, we are saying pay yourself 10% of your net income! We believe you should pay yourself for all the hard work you do week after week!

Saving is the practice of putting money into accounts to never withdraw.

Here's a quick list of accounts you should deposit your 10% into:

1. Savings Account

2. Certificate of Deposits

3. IRA’s

Now, Saturday, February 27 at 11am we are providing and hosting a workshop where in-depth information about each wealth building principle will be provided. Make sure you register today on the event page!

Updated Feb 17, 2021 - Jimmy Worthy

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