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Your Life's Mission Statement

Why is it important to develop a Mission Statement for your life? As with every company, business, church, or organization, a Mission Statement for your life will be a guiding light to express the totality of your goals and objectives. It is the inclusion of all your core values deemed to be of the utmost importance to your destiny.

Your Mission Statement becomes the controlling focal point on your path to your destiny.

Create a list of core values. Choose three to four values you deem to be important and prioritize them in the order of importance. Here are some examples:

1. Accumulation of Wealth

2. Financial Security

3. Competition

4. Respect from Others

5. Recognition

6. Independence

7. Family Structure

8. Spirituality and Faith

9. Organized Life

10. Punctuality

11. Efficiency

12. More Solitude

13. Authority

14. Creativity

15. More Knowledge

16. Appreciation

17. Good Health

18. More Challenges

19. Excitement/Adventure

20. Productivity

21. Inner Peace

22. Love and Affection

23. Service to Others

24. Interaction

25. Wisdom and Insight

26. Cultural Activities

27. Close Relationship(s)

Begin your Mission Statement with the words, "My Personal Mission is ..." and combine your choices. Example. "My Personal Mission is to grow in the Lord spiritually and in faith while gaining wisdom and insight in a cohesive family structure as we enjoy good health."

Be actionable in seeking your purpose and live in it! Whatever endeavor you pursue, develop a Mission Statement to use as your guide. Commit it to memory and include it in a Daily Affirmation.

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